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Hoffman’s Exterminating is your established team for residential and commercial pest control services. We’re your proven solution for exterminators in Wenonah, NJ! Anytime you’re dealing with insects or unwanted critters on your property, reach out to us. We’ll take on your termites, cockroaches, ants, wasps, mice, rats, bats, and much more, and we’ll keep them off of your property. Our services are proven to be both effective and safe.

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Why Hoffman’s For Your Exterminators in Wenonah?

Hoffman’s Exterminating is a family-owned company that has spent over 30 years serving the pest control needs of South Jersey. We employ professionals and train them not just in effective pest management, but also our standards for customer service. We also stay on top of the latest techniques and best practices, through our membership in the National Pest Management Association and the New Jersey Pest Management Association.

Our team of technicians and staff offers exceptional services for both home and business owners. We know every pest problem is different, and we adjust our services to your specific needs. Hoffman’s keeps your property pest-free throughout the year with our 365 Pest Control annual maintenance program. Our annual program includes addressing your present problem, and then following up with periodic visits. We’ll treat your property on the outside, so there’s no need to schedule your day around our visits.

We work to earn our solid reputation for customer service every day, and to offer the best pest control services in the region. Have a look at what our customers say here!

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