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Are unwanted pests in your home or yard causing you stress? Are insects on your property getting out of control? Hoffman’s Exterminating Company is your quick and safe solution! We are the pest control leaders in South Jersey, and we’re your professional team of Cumberland County exterminators. We use our years of experience and established techniques to rid your home or place of business of rats, mice, bats, insects, and much more. Hoffman’s has been serving South Jersey for over 30 years, and we’ve built a long list of satisfied customers.

Hoffman’s is available 24/7 for your pest control emergency in Cumberland County. If you need help right now, call us anytime at (888) 463-3628.

Having unwanted pests on your property and in your home is more than just irritating. Uninvited animal guests can cause home damage or even health problems. Bats can be rabid and have dangerous bites, mice and rats can chew on wires, and termites can do major and costly home damage. You need a pest control service that can not only effectively deal with the problem, but also keep your property’s residents and pets safe.

The pros at Hoffman’s have the know-how and equipment to rid your home of pests and keep them out. We employ EPA-approved methods of pest removal, and in many cases, we avoid using chemicals. Our pest control professionals ate certified and properly trained, and they know how to take on any pest invasion. We’re also dedicated to treating our customers the way we want to be treated. When you call us, you’ll talk to us…you won’t be dealing with a call center that keeps you on hold, like many national chains do.

We’re ready to eliminate rats, mice, insects and other unwanted animal life from your property. If you have multiple or recurring problems, ask us about our year-round program! Our full-year services will keep your property pest-free year-round, especially when you need it the most. When you sign on for the 365 Pest Program, we’ll provide periodic inspections, spraying monitoring and priority emergency service. The 365 Pest Program is one of our most requested services, and it offers property owners peace of mind.

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