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Do you have noisy and unwanted critters in your home or place of business? Are you seeing insects where you shouldn’t? Call the team at Hoffman’s Exterminating Company…we’re your established Camden County exterminators! We’ll rid your property of the rats, mice termites, insects, and other pests, and we’ll do it with procedures that are fast, effective and safe. Hoffman’s has built a long list of satisfied customers in South Jersey, and we’re ready to provide our pest control services for you today.

Hoffman’s is available 24/7 for emergency pest control needs in Camden County. If you need help right now, call us at (888) 463-3628.

Having unwanted pests on your property is irritating enough, but it’s also a problem that you should take care of before it gets worse. Termites, as you know, can cause all sorts of damage, and having an infestation of bats or rats can be dangerous as well. You need a pest control service that gets the job done quickly and safely, without causing damage to your property or putting residents or pets at risk.

At Hoffman’s, we’ve been serving the region for over 30 years…and trust us, we’ve seen everything! We have certified, trained, and experienced technicians that know how to take care of any pest problem you have, and we have the resources to ensure that we can respond quickly. We use EPA-approved methods to eliminate pests from your property, and we avoid using chemicals in many cases. Furthermore, when you call our office, you’ll call us directly. Unlike national chains, we don’t use a call center that keeps our customers on hold.

We can take care of rats, mice, bats, termites, carpenter ants, crickets, squirrels and much more. If you’ve had continuing or multiple pest problems on your property, ask us about our year-round pest control program. Our 365 Pest Program includes inspections, spraying, immediate response to your service calls, and follow-up maintenance. It’s one of our most popular programs, and it offers you peace of mind about any property infestations.

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