Philadelphia Union

Hoffman's Exterminating has a longstanding and outgoing affiliation with The Philadelphia Union, rendering meticulous pest control services to Subaru Park. In this dynamic partnership, our dedicated team employs eco-conscious strategies, assuring that Subaru Park remains impervious to pest infestations. Using environmentally friendly pest control tools such as traps, Active Sense technology, and exclusion techniques, to safeguard the stadium's integrity.

Active Sense, a cutting-edge system, allows us to have ability to conduct round-the-clock monitoring of pest activity throughout every corner of Subaru Park. This state-of-the-art system provides real-time alerts in the event of pest presence, enabling our rapid response team to swiftly eliminate pests. Through our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility and vigilance, Hoffman's Exterminating continues to fortify its partnership with The Philadelphia Union, ensuring that Subaru Park remains a pest-free haven for fans and athletes alike.


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    Throughout the year, Hoffman's Exterminating proudly collaborates with the esteemed staff of the Philadelphia Union, dedicated to crafting an exceptional, family-friendly ambiance for fans. Our commitment extends beyond pest control, encompassing community engagement and educational initiatives. Notably, we facilitate enriching experiences such as Earth Day festivities, wherein we engage with students from the Chester area through the "Garden for Good in Subaru Park" program.

    Our partnership with the Union stands as a testament to our shared values, underpinned by unwavering dedication. On every home game day, our representatives, alongside our mascot BugsBee, actively champion the team from the Hoffman's Exterminating booth strategically positioned at Subaru Park's main entrance. Our corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in community support, exemplified by our enthusiastic participation in every charitable event hosted at Subaru Park. Our team ardently contributes to year-round charity food drives and eagerly engages in the many different charity events that are held at Subaru Park.

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