Door-To-Door Scams for Pest Control, Mosquito Control, and Lawn Treatments

Door-To-Door Scams for Pest Control

Hoffman’s Exterminating warns that door-to-door scams in the warmer months, especially for Pest Control, Mosquito Control, and Lawn Treatments, increase.

When people knock on our doors, they do it with various intentions. Some of those intentions aren’t all that savory.

Consumer Watch Groups are warning consumers to look for the red flags of the classic door-to-door scam.

If a service provider comes to the door and offers to do some work because “they are working in the neighborhood and have leftover materials,” that should be a red flag.

Anyone asking you to commit to the work while standing on your doorstep or offering to call your current provider to cancel your service is a dead giveaway. In addition, they will ask for a credit card because their technician is up the street and can make a call to get them there right away.

These professional-looking salesmen are pressured to close deals and practice poor sales tactics and sometimes unethical methods.

A reputable business will give you time to do your research, provide references, be licensed and insured (ask to see their pesticide license), be locally owned and operated, with a visible office in your community, as well as employ a local dedicated team, which is something that Hoffman’s Exterminating always does.

You can research companies from your local Chamber of Commerce, State Pesticide Regulatory agencies, BBB’s website, and most importantly, ask your neighbors and friends who they use.

Hoffman’s Exterminating is the leading family-owned and operated Pest Control Professional business in South Jersey, Delaware, and the Southeastern PA area (fondly referred to as the Delaware Valley). We are built on our core values and rely on referrals and recommendations from our great customers for our growth.

If you feel you are being scammed, do not sign anything, give them any money, and report it to your local police. You will probably find they have not received any permits for door-to-door solicitation in your area.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hoffman’s with any questions or comments.