Termite Inspection

When you are purchasing or refinancing a new home or building, most lending institutions REQUIRE a recent wood destroying insect report to determine if the property has been damaged by termites or other wood destroying insects. If wood destroying insects or damage is detected, the lending institution usually requires that the property be treated and any structural damage be repaired by a licensed termite control company and home improvement contractor.

Term-A-Pest issues Reports OR “Termite Certificates” for real estate transactions! A thorough visual inspection is performed to the inside and outside of the house or structure, to include the garage or other out buildings on the property.

By law, termite inspectors submitting a termite certification can only tell you the condition of the property at the time of the inspection, in other words, either the property has  a wood destroying insect infestation or appears not to have one. Maybe the property has has termite’s and a treatment visually appears to have been performed.

Termite inspectors will list any damage observed and make recommendations as to whether a building engineer should be contacted as to the extend of any possible structural damage. Termite damage listed also includes scarring on wood caused by termite tune’s and must be listed as termite damage.

The importance of having an experienced and knowledgeable Pest Control Inspector performing this inspection can be critical. Particularly when you are making such a huge investment. At Term-A-Pest, we have OVER 50 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE inspecting structures for possible damage and infestations of wood destroying insects.

Term-A-Pest can inspect your home or  business on an annual basis.  Even after a potentially successful termite treatment has achieved assumed elimination of a pre-existing termite infestation, your property should be monitored at least once per year. If termites ever become active, Term-a-Pest can treat your home.

Never let your guard down. Don’t forget when dealing with Mother Nature & termites, “Always expect the unexpected”.

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