South Jersey Animal Control – What is Animal Control?

Animal control in Southern New Jersey can be a difficult job, because of this not all exterminators take on the challenge but Hoffman’s does. What is animal control for a pest control company? Animal control is the protecting of people and properties from the dangers and damage of nuisance and uncontrolled wildlife. Our goal is to remove, exclude, or deter nuisance wildlife from our client’s property. We have to do this while following state guidelines that go along with our licenses and permits no matter if we are servicing a client in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware. Each state has their own rules and some of the rules Hoffman’s has adopted companywide for both the safety of our clients, technicians, and wildlife.

While our goal includes making our clients happy, we also must make sure the animals we are targeting are truly a nuisance. This means that we cannot harm, harass or interfere with wildlife that is simply on a property, in essence we are not “trappers.” Hoffman’s must insure that in some way the animal(s) targeted are a threat to the property or people residing there. We are looking for animals digging under structures, such as a ground hog living under a shed that may cause structural issues, animals entering structures such as squirrels entering an attic, or raccoons getting into trash. We also look for evidence that the animal is frequently on the property such as tracks, droppings, or gnawing/scratching marks. All of this will help us determine if or what service is needed.

If you think you have a nuisance animal on your property contact Hoffman’s today for a free inspection and estimate for what we can do for you!

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