termite_workersDid you know that termites can do more damage to homes and
structures than all major storms, floods, and fires combined? However, you can protect your “Single Biggest Investment” with an inspection and treatment by a reputable company. One that is knowledgeable and up to date on the new technology that can reduce and control termite infestation both in and around your home. A company like Hoffman’s Exterminating.

Termite control has become a precise and technical business, and although there still are many companies out there willing to risk your home for their inexperience, we at Hoffman’s Exterminating treat your home as if it were our own. Since our business has always been built by “word of mouth” advertising, one unhappy customer will cost us not just your business, but all those that you would have referred us to.
Although termites are by far the most destructive pest in this area, there are many others that can cause both damage and a financial loss to your property. Here is a short list of some of those pests and their potential damage.

Carpenter Bees

carp_beeAlthough these bees do not eat wood, then bore a perfect hole in decks, sofits, door frames, window frames and even siding. If left untreated, these bees will cause damage, mostly cosmetic, over several years. One distinctive sign of these bees is a yellowish stain that resembles bird droppings on the siding or deck areas. Usually you will also see saw dust and the bees themselves hovering close to the holes.

Carpenter Ants

These are the large black, brown, red and yellow ants that you find wondering around trees, lawns, sheds, firewood, garage, garbage cans, railroad ties, your kitchen, dishwasher, bathroom or any other areas that they can find water and/or food. These pests tend to nest in areas that are prone or already have a moisture problem. Like the carpenter bees, they do not consume wood, but rather hollow it out to create “galleries” so that they can control the moisture and humidity in this area to better suit their needs. These insects can do considerable damage, and if left alone will usually create a nuisance later in the evenings or early in the day. Seeing the ants themselves is usually the first sign that ants may be present in your home, but other signs such as saw dust, rotted wood and dead ants may also indicate an infestation.

Rodents – Rats, Mice, Squirrels and Chipmunks

All rodents gnaw constantly, otherwise their teeth will continue to grow and their ability to eat and defend themselves will be eliminated. Unfortunately, they gnaw on wires, cables, wood trim and other areas that can cause both damage and safety issues. Besides their gnawing, their nesting and defense habits usually cause erosion problems in and around your home.

Old House Beetles, Wood Borers, Wood Boring Beetles and Wood Boring Bees

There are a number of wood boring bees and beetles. Although these pest tend not to be as large of a problem in this area, their importance and potential for structural damage can be severe if left untreated or undiscovered by an inexperienced inspector or company.

Fabric & Food Pests

These include pests such as Clothes Moths, Hide Beetles, Carpet Beetles, Food Pest, Silver Fish, and Crickets. This group of pests invades our food, clothes, books and other stored possessions to eat, nest and/or destroy. Although most of these pests can be easily controlled, their misidentification and/or lack of discovery are the leading cause for their damage. This is why an experienced inspector or company is needed to determine which pests are present to be treated.

Wood Destroying Insect Report

carpantTermites are not the only wood destroying insects that get into your home. A good inspection includes the search for termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, old house bores and power post beetles.

Hoffman’s Exterminating is the company Real Estate agents call when they want an inspection on a house they are purchasing. They rely on us to provide a thorough inspection of the accessible areas of the home.

This report is normally requested by the mortgage company before settlement of a property. This report documents wood destroying insect infestation, damage and potential treatment in accessible areas.

Please contact us to order your wood destroying insect report or ask any related questions, today.


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Termite Treatment


  • Monitoring, baiting, and service programs
  • Pre-construction termite treatment
  • Soil treatments
  • Wood treatments

Termite Certification


  • FHA, VA Conventional and Fannie Mae Inspection and Service

Carpenter Ant Treatment

  • Residential and commercial, treatments and preventative service programs.
  • Treatment to adjacent trees and landscaping timber.

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