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The Hoffman Difference


We’ve all heard the saying “the devil is in the details,” expressing the idea that whatever one does they should do it thoroughly.  The sales department always gets asked, “How is Hoffman’s different from all the other pest control companies.”  The answer is, our people focus on the details, EVERY DAY.  Our trucks are cleaner, we dress nicer, we answer the phone quicker, we smile, we know our customers don’t care that we may be having a tough day, we treat people they way we would want our Grand Parents to be treated, we’re thorough, we’re on time, we say please and thank you, we know our stuff, we never promise something we can’t deliver, we’re problem solvers, we wipe our feet, we are professional and polite, WE ARE HOFFMAN’S!

Hoffman’s is hitting it out of the park.


Opening day was a tremendous success at the local ball fields.  That’s because Hoffman’s was there to lead the way.  At Mantua’s opening day Bugsbee led all the players onto the field and provided hot dogs and soda for all the players.  In Linwood, Bugsbee gave a “high five” to all the players coming off of the field.  Hoffman’s handed out over 200 soft pretzels in Northfield and our new truck was on display in Mt. Laurel as Bugsbee made another appearance.  It’s our way of showing that we are part of the fabric of our local communities.  This is how we continue to build our brand.  Stay tuned for upcoming events and as always please try to participate as often as you can.

Sentricon in 2015!

It’s that time of year when homeowners are seeing termite swarms in and around their home.  Pest activity is also peaking and it makes people more aware and concerned about termites.  Technicians should be asking every non-termite customer if they have any concerns regarding termites.  Back in the conventional treatment days homeowners would very rarely treat their homes preventatively because of the damage and inconvenience a treatment would bring.  Sentricon removes all of these concerns.  Jeremy from Dow reports that from 2008 to 2014 preventative Sentricon jobs are up over 71%! Everyone needs to know about SENTRICON!

Da Plane  Da Plane! Hoffman’s Supports Ronald McDonald House…


As many of you know, Hoffman’s is a strong supporter of the Ronald McDonald House.  For years now Hoffman’s has participate in numerous fundraising events and this past Saturday we were at it again.  By making a donation the Hoffman team was invited to participate in a “Plane Pulling” contest.  Twenty-two employee’s and family dressed in Hoffman tee shirts, sported antenna and stingers, then pulled a real airplane.  We didn’t win the event but came in second for the best dressed team.  Beth Wheeler played an awesome Bugsbee, (now we know who to call), and joined Swoop, Franklin, Tastykake man and Chickie and Pete’s crab fry mascot.  Beth was by far the best.  Dee Leone took some great pictures.  Food was delicious and plentiful and for such a great cause.  Everyone there is already talking about next year.  Thanks go out to everyone who participated.


New Bucket Truck @ Hoffman’s

Hoffman’s is reaching new heights

With all the new bat, bird and squirrel work sold in 2014 it was time to invest in a bucket truck. This truck can reach heights of twenty-five feet and beyond. It will allow Hoffman’s to complete this work faster, neater and in a more professional manner. However, the main goal is to provide our employee’s with a safer way to complete these difficult jobs. We all understand that ladder work will always be part of our jobs but whenever the bucket truck is a practical solution to replace ladder work, it will sure come in handy. If you did not attend the meeting we held to become “lift certified” please contact your manager. At right, Bob LaRocca takes advantage of the bucket truck instead of the ladder.


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