Hoffman’s Knows How to Control Stink Bugs!

It’s October and along with the pumpkins, scare crows, and spider webs that are being put up for Halloween the stink bugs and box elder bugs are also making their presence better known. These sneaky and stinky bugs are starting to make their move in attempt to get into your home. The good news is that Hoffman’s Exterminating is here to help!

While stink bugs may be smelly and incredibly annoying that is about the extent of their immediate threat to humans and our animals. Stink bugs are not known to carry any diseases, they do not have the ability to bite a mammal, and they do not sting. Removal of stink bugs is as easy as sucking them up with a vacuum cleaner or flushing them down a toilet, but not everyone’s water bill can handle more flushing! Sadly stink bugs are a threat to our farming communities as they are known to feed on over 100 different types of plants including fruit trees, soybeans, peanuts, blackberries, corn, tomatoes, lima beans, and green peppers.

Keeping stink bugs out of your home starts with prevention. Making sure all windows and vents are properly screened, insuring all doors and windows close properly, and sealing any gaps, cracks and holes in your homes are very important steps to take. Stink bugs prefer to enter thought the south and west sides of structures as these tend to warmest sides and warmth is what they are attracted to as the weather starts to cool.

While stink bugs may be difficult to control, Hoffman’s Exterminating has been in business since September 1990 and has been dealing with stink bugs since their introduction in 1996. That is 20 years of stink bug killing experience! Give us a call today and schedule treatment for your property in South Jersey, Northern Delaware, or Southeast Pennsylvania!

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