Hoffman’s Facts About Bats: Nothing to Be Scared of, but Some Tips to Be Aware Of

Many residents can’t stand the thought of running into a bat.  A bat that unintentionally gets into the living area of a home can create a frightful experience.  Once they inhabit manmade structures, they can also pose health risks.  However, bats are extremely intelligent and provide many important benefits to us all.  They are nonaggressive and rarely interact with humans.  They are night flyers and one of the only predators of night time flying insects.

Winter poses a challenge for food as insects are limited in the colder temperatures.  Therefore, many bats migrate to warmer geographical areas to survive.  Bats will begin to return mid to late summer when food is plentiful.

Bats are associated with living in caves, but most brown bats live in manmade structures like chimneys, attics, and soffits.  Many other species live in wooded areas hanging from branches and under strips of loose bark.  If a bat gets into your home, it’s important to seal up entry points leaving one area open for them to exit the structure.  Once they exit, the last area should be sealed to prevent reentry.

It is best to have an experienced bat professional provide these services.  This will ensure all areas are sealed properly and no bats are left trapped inside the structure, which creates a multitude of other health risks.  Hoffman’s Exterminating Company now has offices in Malvern, PA, Mantua, NJ and Northfield, NJ.

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